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Everyone needs furniture, something to sit on, lie on, put a mug of coffee on, rest a laptop or a beer on.  But in a world full of ‘stuff’, where do you possibly find what you’re looking for?

Shops need furniture because there’s a demand from interior designers and architects.   interior designers and architects need furniture because there’s a demand from clients.  Hotels and guest houses need furniture because there’s a demand from clients, interior designers and architects. Businesses need furniture otherwise where would employees or clients sit, eat, work or have meetings?

Factories make furniture but need people, businesses, architects, interior designers, restaurants and hotels to provide that furniture – and that’s where we come in.

We love furniture – all aspects of it, from the towel rack to the twelve-seater table, and we love offering it to the world. At Burnt Oringe we make it our business to find that special piece that you’ve been searching for, that house project that you want in a certain style, the fittings for that hotel, the bar counter for that restaurant or the boardroom table that will accommodate your talented staff.

So contact us below and let us know how we can help.